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Mitglieder des EOL-Netzwerks

ITIS G.Cardano

Land: Italy
Stadt: Pavia
SchulleiterIn: Giancarla Gatti Comini
Adresse: Via Giuseppe Verdi, 19
Telefon: 0382 302801


Our highschool lasts five years, and involves an exam at the end of the final year, required to gain a diploma have access to further university education. It is classified as a "technical institute", as it offers both a wide theoretical education and a highly qualified technical specialization in one of these specific fields of studies: IT and telecommunications, mechanics, mechatronics and energy, electronics and electrical engineering, chemistry, materials and biotechnology, applied s

Sprachprofil der Schule

English is the only foreign language taught at school, but as we have a great number of students coming from all parts of the world, we can surely define our school as international and multi-cultural. ITIS Cardano has been engaged for more than 20 years in a constant pathway not only of acceptance, but above all inclusion of foreign students, providing Italian language courses for foreign students who have just arrived to our counrty. The application of the CLIL teaching method has certainly


We are highly motivated in being part of your international network of schools. We believe that an exchange of ideas and opinions with teachers from other nations could suggest new ways for us to create a learning environment that is more and more language friendly.

Stärken und Expertenwissen

We are strongly involved in: - improving language skills and professional qualifications of students and teachers; - wideningthe teacher's cultural horizons - acquiring new tools for students to provide an up-to-date education - changing the teaching model by developing new curricula and innovative teaching methods A variety of projects realted to languages are constantly being carried out. For example, we prepare our students for the Cambridge Certificates and we host the Cambridge English

Projekt in Bezug auf EOL

We want to develop a project that integrates ICT and modern teaching methods such as flipped classroom, cooperative learning, digital storytelling. Having students coming from all over the world is a richness that we would like to enhance with our project. We intend to promote a better understanding of the culture of the foreign students with the greater goal of embracing diversity and promoting integration. The project consists in the planning and creation of short videos that talk about the fo

Bedürfnisse und Wünsche

There are two teachers that will be actively working on the project, and we would like them both to participate to the meeting in Gratz Our students are generally well-versed when it comes to technology, nonetheless we would feel more confortable if we knew we could ask other teachers for advice as concerns the technical tools we might need to carry out our project (softwares we might download, items we might need, ...)

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