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Membres du réseau EOL

Istituto Comprensivo DON MILANI di CORTE FRANCA

Pays : Italy
Ville : Corte Franca BRESCIA
Chef d’établissement : Giuseppina Martinelli
Adresse : Piazza Carlo Cattaneo, 5
Téléphone : 030 984180
Site web :
Courriel :

Profil general de l’établissement

Our school is a state school located in Corte Franca (Brescia) in the North of Italy and includes a primary and a middle school. Number of pupils at the primary:311 Number of students at the secondary:198 Number of teachers:67 Our school is equipped with interactive boards in each classroom, computer labs, Art lab, Science Lab; Music lab, a gym and a canteen.

Profil linguistique de l‘établissement

Our students study English from the age of six and at the middle school they start studying a second European language: French. Both at the middle school and at the primary we have a mother tongue teacher assistant from March to May, who helps the class teacher to increase the students’ communicative skills. A group of our students of the middle school take Trinity London College exams to get A2.2 certifications.


Corte Franca is situated in an area which is world leader in the production of wine. Its proximity to lake Iseo and the presence of a nature reserve makes the place an area with a strong tourist vocation. Corte Franca is twinned to a Scottish town and there have been frequent exchanges that have involved also the school.

Points forts et domaines d‘expertise

Since 2012 our school has been hosting students from Oxford university who, for three months a year, work in the classes as teacher assistants, cooperating with the class teacher in order to increase the motivation and communicative skills of our students through interactive activities, songs, games etc. we are also part of a network of schools in Brescia that are experiencing CLIL. Our teachers are attending training courses and are starting to apply CLIL in the classes.

Projet en lien avec EOL

The core of the project should be promoting integrated didactic approaches and integrated language learning and exchanging experiences and good practices.

Besoins et souhaits

We would like to join your network in order to enrich our curriculum and give it an international dimension. We would also like to promote both the language experience and the intercultural competence of our school.