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EOL community members

Clydemuir Primary School

Country: United Kingdom
City: West Dunbartonshire
Principal: Margaret MacLeod
Address: Ottawa Crescent, Dalmuir
Phone: 01419521937

About the school

Clydemuir Primary school is a mainstream non-denominational primary school for children aged 4-12. We serve the area of Dalmuir, Clydebank, West of Glasgow in Scotland. At present we have 284 pupils enrolled across primaries 1 to 7. Clydemuir is a Rights Respecting School with links with a school in Malawi and a school in France,

Language skills

In line with the Scottish 1+2 languages policy, at Clydemuir Primary School all pupils learn Spanish within their own classes and Primary 6 and 7 also receive French lessons on a weekly basis. Many members of staff have completed immersion course in Spanish and we are fortunate to have the support of a Spanish language assistant one day a week during 2016/17. We have a link with a school in France and one in Spain to making the language and culture learning more real.


We are working hard to establish European learning and cultural awareness within Clydemuir but feel we could share so much with other members in a mutually beneficial way within the EOL network.

Strength and experience

A strong commitment to 1+2 Languages. A motivated cohort of pupils, parents and staff who are keen to enhance their Spanish skills and understanding of European cultures. Financial support through funding from ERASMUS for a total of 12 members of staff to complete immersion training through LFEE in Spanish and French.

Project related to EOL

Whole school development of Spanish learning and the curriculum. We hope to develop links and network with European partners to improve the learning for all our staff, pupils and families.

Needs and wishes

* Support in continuous staff development primarily in the Spanish language and culture. Networking to help with this. * Cultural and linguistic projects to keep our pupils excited and motivated in their learning of European languages and cultures. * Sharing of resources to support learning and activities for classes in European languages and cultures. With links with pupils and teachers throughout Europe, where possible.