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EOL community members


Country: United Kingdom
City: Edinburgh
Address: 134 Corstorphine Road
Phone: 07963 070654
School: The Royal Zoological Society of Edinburgh
Functions: Senior Education Officer

About the school

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) is a worldwide conservation organisation and the Discovery and Learning Department have a 'Science in the Language Class' series to connect our projects in the wild with language learning. Teaching to schools across Scotland. In addition the Association of Scottish Philatelic Societies also have a 'Language of Stamps' series which uses the medium of stamps to learn more about the culture and language of a country.

Language skills

PGCE Secondary teaching qualification but not in languages. Open University Mandarin Course passed with distinction; Short Mandarin courses with the Confucius Institute for Scotland. Some very basic Spanish, Japanese and French skills.


Working in a worldwide organisation, it is very important to respect the culture and language of the countries we are partnering with. Learning even a little of a language can be a great help to establishing friendships and working partnerships.

Strength and experience

I have created, developed and delivered 'Beyond the Panda' which is a cross curriculum outreach programme. Pupils learn about China's culture and language along with giant pandas. The outreach is now a recognised Mandarin learning resource. With its success, I have launched 'Science in the Language Class' which creates resources linking our conservation projects in the wild or our breeding programmes at our zoos with languages. Working with RZSS, I have just launched a South American game link

Project related to EOL

Science in the Language Class is a series of games linking RZSS conservation projects in the wild or conservation breeding programmes at our zoos to language learning. In addition Language of Stamps is a series of language learning resources run by (ASPS) StampIT and uses stamps to learn more about the culture and language of a country.

Needs and wishes

1. To advertise the current resources to schools - Both RZSS and ASPS are not for profit organisations. RZSS resources and outreach are chargeable to cover costs. ASPS digital resources are free of charge to download and hard copy resources sold at cost price. 2. To gain feedback for development of further resources.