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EOL community members

Paola Arduini

Country: Spain
City: Madrid
Address: calle Augustin de Betacourt 1 28003
School: Scuola Italiana Statale
Functions: Primary teachers- coordnator of a project on bilingualism

About the school

The Italian school in Madrid is a State school organized by Italian government. It comprises pre-primary, primary, lower secondary and upper secondary The teaching is in Italian and the curriculum is structured by the Italian Indicazioni Nazionali. There is also a part of Spanish curriculum so the pupils at the end of Liceo get the double diploma, Spanish and Italian. There are around 700 students, from 3 to 18 years old. Most of the pupils are bilingual, many speak three or four different langu

Language skills

Mother tongue Italian, graduated in Russian, in fact I use English at a C1 level for most of my projects in the field of education and during international meeting and cooperative activities ( Erasmus plus, eTwinning). My Spanish is at B1 level ( but imptoving daily since I live in Madrid). Basic level in French allows me to survive in non formal situation.


Linguistic, language teaching and learning processes, early language acquisition were my top interests since University studies. I started to teach in primary schools in 1985 with always a strong attention on linguistic and foreign languages. In the current year I'm teaching in the Italian school in Madrid in a bilingual contest. I need to deepen knowledge and share good practices about teaching in school abroad to children of local language. I feel the urgence to cooperate with a wider netw

Strength and experience

I was involved in European projects since 2000. I've been coordiantor for 6 Comenius project, I'm an eTwinning ambassador since 2009 and I coordinate a featured group in eTwinning platform. I'm teachers trainer for eTwinning projects and new Technologies for Ministry of Education My teaching experience in Italy was in suburban schools, with many immigrant children, where i had to teach Italian as a second language. Now I teach in Madrid in an Italian school to children who are in majority Span

Project related to EOL

Comenius projects BELL ( Beginning Early Language Learning) with the school Iqbal Masih. Comenius project Urban Kids Price, awarded as Star project and European eTwinning Quality label Many eTwinning projects, quality labels

Needs and wishes

- Establish contacts with other national schools/ teachers abroad to compare results and good practices in teaching in our national language in a bilingual context - Share digital tools for learning languages at early stage - Compare methodology in teaching literacy