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Membres du réseau EOL


Pays : Italy
Chef d’établissement : CONCETTA SENESE
Téléphone : 0039 0775244101
Site web :
Courriel :

Profil general de l’établissement

It is an High Secondary School.It is a liceo and a technical school too.There are about 600 students and 70 teachers. It is involved in the process of inovation where innovation means,principally, liguistic education and safe use of ICT in teaching and learning.

Profil linguistique de l‘établissement

The main languages taught at school are Italian, English, French,Spanish and also ancient languages as Latin and Greek


we would like to share the project in order to make our school opened to languages fro Europe and not only. We believe in the energy of languages and in the idea that languages are in all the subjects taught at school. We believe that students may benefit from acquiring languages skills and that is the main reason we want to share the project.

Points forts et domaines d‘expertise

We are ready to be guided by the expertise of the project and to share the strenght of the project itself.

Projet en lien avec EOL

There are some curricular and extracurricular project related to EOL: clil projects(as the e-clil Digitnet project which involves five schools of our territory); a special project called "adopt a language" which has been planned by a teacher of the school and which be managed by hersewlf inside her own class syllabus;then Extra-curricular project which involve students to get the language European certification.

Besoins et souhaits

To feel in Europe; to contribute to that European aim of European citizenship;to make our students and teachers feel and share the passio for pluriingual and intercutural education.