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Membres du réseau EOL


Pays : Italy
Ville : Frosinone
Adresse : Via Firenze, 37 03100 Frosinone Italy
Courriel :
École : Istituto Comprensivo 1
Fonction : English teacher


My School and I are always eager to join in any possible activity which may help us improve ourselves. I teach in an Istituto Comprensivo1 : my students are 11/13-14. My school is open to stimula coming from institutions which focus on learning new skills especially when this process is centred on language and orientation.

Compétences linguistiques

Teacher of English ; I can speak French, know some German and Spanish.


Wish to know as much as I can, better myself as much as I can. I'd like to be updated on what's going on as general attitude towards language and its teaching/learning strategies.

Points forts et expérience

I had a variety of teaching experiences which range from very young learners to adults and I'm always looking for new stimula.

Projet en lien avec EOL

I had Erasmus plus ( Comenius previously) experiences, opened my school to Intercultura ( Aiesec), work with Certification Boards for students and adults. My colleagues and I are reshaping teaching according to the acquisition of intercultural awareness staring from language as a means of communication.

Besoins et souhaits

What's next?