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EOL community members

Iris Letizia Gavazzi

Country: Italy
City: Seregno
Address: via Cavour 67
School: Primo Levi
Functions: Humanities Teacher

About the school

Characterised by a strong technical vocation, istituto Primo Levi has moved in the last few years towards an international profile, opening up to international workshop abroad. Founded in 1987 to support building vocational studies, it has later moved towards a foreign languages and marketing profile, ending up only in recent years to logistics and applied science studies. Today round 600 students attend lessons daily.

Language skills

I attended a foreign language secondary school: that is why I am still very passionate about languages and multicultural approches. As a student, I enrolled at the Universiteit van Amsterdam for a semester (1999). I’ve passed two official Cambridge exams: First Certificate (C1), TKT-CLIL


I am a passionate young teacher, eager to learn new teaching approaches. I believe learners will benefit from both acquiring new language skills and new subject specific contents: that is why I attended a 30-hours CLIL course followed by an official TKT-CLIL exam by Cambridge. As a stakeholder in education, I am very much interested in working with ECML in order to develop a stimulating, multicultural learning environment by combining pluralistic approches.

Strength and experience

I am an enthusiastic teacher with a solid background in journalism and copywriting. For more than 15 years I worked both in education and in the communication industry, happy to constantly update my skills as required by such an evolving environment. I've published essays, articles and one book (republished).

Project related to EOL

I would like to create an effective peer-to-peer experience to reflect on linguistic and proximity between languages. Through white papers, generated with students, I would like to help to integrate general subjects in language, to show how every learning space can be part of language learning.

Needs and wishes

1) Create an effective mixed group (linguistics+ subject teachers) 2) Create an editorial format which can be replicable 3) Disseminate results globally