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Membres du réseau EOL

Emanuele Cassarino

Pays : Italy
Ville : MIlan
Adresse : via Grigna 14
Courriel :
École : ITCS Erasmo da Rotterdam Bollate Milano
Fonction : theacher of CULTUAL ANTHROPOLOGY


the ITCS ERasmo da Rotterdam (Bollate, MIlan, ITaly) is a Human Sciences Liceum ( and other school types) The students are approximately 1000.

Compétences linguistiques

English B2; spanish B2; french A1;


My main motivation is to give students more opportunities for intecultural/international excange in the european framework

Points forts et expérience

I have been working as development anthropologist in several international cooperation projects for EU and Italian Foreign MInistry

Projet en lien avec EOL

We are implementing a project entitled EU LAB ROOM.

Besoins et souhaits

focusing on - language skills - intercultural relations - cosmopolitical attitudes