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EOL community members

IC Gussago

Country: Italy
City: Gussago BS
Principal: Enrica Massetti
Address: Via Marcolini, 10 - 25064 Gussago BS
Phone: 0039 0302521477

About the school

Public Institute with 2 Infant schools, 4 Primary schools, 1 secondary school, 1472 in total, 132 teachers. Our comprehensive school is located in the municipality of Gussago, characterized by a natural environment of hilly type; has about 16,500 inhabitants, with an area of 25 km2 for a population density of about 659.52 inhabitants per square kilometre. The municipality is divided into fractions that still maintain their identity and belonging. Significant aggregation points in the country ar

Language skills

Since the year 2012 we have offered the possibility of teaching assistant positions for native English speakers who study at UK Universities. The positions are in our Institute from September until June, i.e. the entire school year. This opportunity is available to undergraduate and postgraduate British students. Every year we host 5 /6 students from UK University. It is an important experience for them in terms of improving their Italian and on top of this, they are also learning how the I


We are part of a network of schools in Brescia that are studying Content and Language Integrated Learning CLIL, we are organizing seminary and training activities for the teachers of the network. Our English assistant share their lesson plan in the network, we also receive invitations to congresses or seminary about clil. So our mission is: . increase the knowledge and use of English through the deliberate, systematic and planned intervention by a native speaker, in collaboration with teacher

Strength and experience

Our assistants are native speakers, they come from Aberystwyth University in Wales, Bristol in England, Glasgow and Edimburgh in Scotland. The native speakers offer a real model of English classes, organizing specific activities, in accordance with the class teachers, in some moments of the year valuing the transversality of the teachings: Halloween, Christmas, Carnival, Easter, new year's Party. Organize activities by storytelling, drama and conversation in which students could bring into play

Project related to EOL

The core of the project should be your mission about interdisciplinary projects / team-teaching through: - Integrated (CLIL) or bilingual teaching - Immersive or language sensitive learning - Working / training on projects - Initiatives and entrepreneurship We also want to promote integrated didactic approach to different languages studied learning, as you present in your website, Integrated language learning is about how general subjects can be integrated in language use and how every

Needs and wishes

In this way, thanks to your partnership, we want to enrich our curriculum from age 2 to age 13, we want to promote learners’ progression, Language bridges, Lifelong learning. Our students will reach better language control (standards, variations, registers), metalinguistics competences, Flexible plurilingualism. Our network of school in Brescia will disseminate the result in a sort of collective intelligence Teamwork and network by: - Linking practice, training and research - Transferring