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Membres du réseau EOL

raffaella vergombello

Pays : Italy
Ville : Cesano Maderno
Adresse : via Julia 7/a
Courriel :
École : IISS L: Castiglioni, via Garibalsi, 115 Limbiate, Italy
Fonction : English teacher, responsible for international projects


We are a vocational and Technical High school of agriculture located north of Italy. Our students (more than 800 now) are from 14 to 19 years old. We are working hard to insert in our curricula lessons and projects about EU citizenship, protection of the environment and projects for preventing bullying and violence against women. We are fostering English language learning, with B1/B2 certification courses and we are Etwinniners as well. We have a lot of ICT equipment, with three labs, a multi-fu

Compétences linguistiques

I have been an English teacher since 2014, I am graduate in English and Russian, and works as an ELT. My language level is C1/C2.


I would love to cooperate with other schools in International projects, to give students more opportunities to plan their lives on an international level.

Points forts et expérience

I have been organizing language courses abroad, especially in Ireland, and working experiences in Holland (this year for the first time) and Ireand (for three years now)

Projet en lien avec EOL

I think both Etwinning project (Say SIF for the planet) - other Etwinning projects - and pour CLIL Institute project could be related to EOL.

Besoins et souhaits

To make our school more International and open to Europe or other countries.