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Membres du réseau EOL

Elena Bizzarrini

Pays : Italy
Ville : Milano
Adresse : via Quarto Cagnino,24 Milano
Courriel :
École : secondary low,Milano
Fonction : music teacher


As a music teacher at the secondary,oftenly I teach students to sing in english along,strong of my experience of teaching music in english for about 10 years in central America at the mandatory public schools. Students love to sing in english and very seldom do they know exactly what they sing about.Also,having quite a number of foreing student in the class,using english helps them to comunicate among themselves and with the teacher.It's a matter of working on a better understanding between pupi

Compétences linguistiques

I did teach music education in english for about 10 years in central America at the mandatory public schools and at the local Music Academy. Before than that my english was a good one coming from the secondary high school education ultimated in the'74 in Livorno,Italy. Also I am quite confident with Dutch and Spanish,due to my working abroad.I don't forget latin too,despite the fact that I am using it quite seldom.


As a musician,teacher and educator I am very interesting in getting better and better in comunication skills for teaching.Education is based on good understanding and our actual global living tells us we need to care for intercultural exchanges.

Points forts et expérience

It is about more than 30 years my experience of teaching abroad and in Italy.My pupils belong to all cultures,and I got used to go from one language to an other meanwhile I give lesson to my students.I know well what about global comunication and how to improve it.

Projet en lien avec EOL

All over several fields skills and good understanding of other languages and cultures make me feel very interested in EOL project.

Besoins et souhaits

First of all I love to update myself for teaching reasons,also I believe we need to talk to each others about comunication and education needs. A good opportunity to share our experiences and learn out of them.