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Mitglieder des EOL-Netzwerks

Vasiliki Ntai

Land: Greece
Stadt: Vartholomio
Adresse: Archaias Ilidos 7
Schule: Gymnasio Vartholomiou
Beruf: English Teacher

Über die Schule

A secondary school in a rural area in Greece, consisting of a high percentage of students of various background (mostly Albanian, Indian and Bulgarian) although most of them are born in Greece. Our school aim is to provide them with cognitive, linguistic and computational skills as well as empathy in a climate of a democratic school. We participate in etwinning projects and projects related to local history and/or culture in order to teach them to co-operate, collaborate and co-create. State of


I have been an English teacher since 1995, a proficient user of French and a basic user of Spanish. Learning languages is my passion since I believe that behind each language there is a rich background of culture and history.


My motivation is my eagerness for life-long learning. I graduated from the Faculty of Foreign languages in 1995 and finished my MEd in 2010, as a means to keep myself updated on new ideas on the field of language teaching. MOOCs are also a way to expand my areas of knowledge, therefore another step for me would be to join the EOL network, so as to join a community of colleagues and share ideas.

Stärken und Erfahrungen

My Masters dissertation was about Moodle Games and their impact when applied in the classroom. I am also a trainer of english teachers in the area of Educational Technology and have presented my work in workshops and papers.

Projekt in Bezug auf EOL

At this moment, I am applying the "Social Media for Change" project, organised by the European Schoolnet, in a school I was appointed for the current school year. It involved documenting a school policy related to technology and informing officials and parents about it while designing activities along with the students in order to create the Digital Ambassadors body of the school.

Bedürfnisse und Wünsche

Multilingualism techniques in class Educational Technology freeware

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