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EOL community members

Collomb Brigitte

Country: France
City: Prunelli di Fium'Orbo
Address: ZI Migliacciaro 20243 Prunelli di Fium'Orbo
School: Collège du Fium'Orbo
Functions: teacher

About the school

Rural co-ed secondary school in educational priority zone. Nearly 900 students coming from different social classes and some from different countries. There are bilingual classes Corsican and French. Corsican is the regional language. We are eTwinning school and very soon Erasmus school too.

Language skills

I speak French as a mother tongue, a little Corsican and I can understand Italian. I can speak English fluently. C1 I can speak Spanish A2


I am an eTwinning ambassador, I also organize training courses and I am an QL evaluator for eTwinning France. I am a developpeur for the Erasmus Plus French agency. I have been searching for the French CARDIE. I feel like improving again in some teaching fields and I want to carry on experiments in real life projects thanks to eTwinning and Erasmus Plus projects.

Strength and experience

I have been working with the CARDIE for 7 years now with 4 projects and a fifth next year on various subjects. (hybrid teaching and the creation a website dedicated to English teaching, project based learning and collaborative tools for kids through and without eTwinning projects, media and collaborative learning as well as solidarity and citizenship through an eTwinning webzine on UNESCO themes, soft skills to learn English; ) MOOC: teaching and training with ITC tools, flipped classroom, and m

Project related to EOL

Maybe very soon.

Needs and wishes

I feel like working on psychology to improve and fasten English learning.