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EOL community members

Agata Scanselli

Country: Italy
City: Mestre
Address: via Aleardi 78
School: I.C.S. Leonardo da Vinci
Functions: teacher of English

About the school

I teach English in a public middle school where students are always put in the centre of teaching & learning processes. We are equipped to host some 2.0 classes (digital-oriented teaching & learning).

Language skills

C1 level/ high proficiency level.


I like innovating and working in team.

Strength and experience

I've been a teacher since 2014, I'm not young but absolutely open-minded. My strengths and area of interests are CLIL teaching, the introduction of ICT tools into didactics, flipping the classroom.

Project related to EOL

Nothing specific at the moment.

Needs and wishes

1) Planning support 2) Access to tools and resources 3) Teaching networking