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Membres du réseau EOL

Arjana Blazic

Pays : Croatia
Ville : Zagreb
Adresse : A. von Humboldta 16
Courriel :
École : IX. gimnazija
Fonction : Teacher


IX. gimnazija is a high school in Zagreb. There are about 500 students and 45 teachers. We have a Future Classroom Lab, a flexible learning space with light and portable furniture and technology (28 tablets, an interactive screen and a teacher laptop. We are involved in eTwinning and Erasmus+ projects.

Compétences linguistiques

I'm fluent in English and German. My level of Italian is A2.


I think it is important to learn languages and connect peers worldwide. I'm a lifelong learner and I love learning, exploring and creating.

Points forts et expérience

Collaboration, project-based learning, flipped classroom, design thinking, eTwinning, teacher training.

Projet en lien avec EOL

I'm a member of eTwinning, the community for schools in Europe. eTwinning is also a learning platform where teachers learn from experts and from each other.

Besoins et souhaits

Learn about new teaching methods. Connect with peers.