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EOL community members

Nastja Valentincic Al Bukhari

Country: Slovenia
City: Nova Gorica
Address: Cankarjeva ulica 10
School: Šolski center Nova Gorica, Srednja ekonomska in trgovska šola
Functions: Teacher of Economics and Business studies

About the school

Our school, Srednja ekonomska in trgovska šola with 348 students, is a part of the Šolski center Nova Gorica(school center) with 2000 students. There are three courses in our school: The Secondary School of Economics (Commercial Course) and two three year vocational courses: the Secretarial course and the Course for Shop-assistants. The greatest emphasis is placed on economic and business contents and good knowledge of foreign languages and implementing in soft skills.

Language skills

My mother tongue is Slovene and I am fluent in Italian, English, Serbian, Croatian and Arabic (spoken and less in writing).


I see this as an opportunity for creating a EU Network in team teaching (FL teachers and content subject teachers), disseminating our practice and exchanging of good practice and materials in OER. I would like to use FREPA descriptors in new teaching methods and to promote international teachers' teams - FL and a content teacher through various projects.

Strength and experience

In 2010 we (team in our school) started to introduce and implement collaborative planning and team teaching of a foreign language and a content subject in classes using a bilingual approach. Team teaching of FL1 (English) or/and FL2 (Italian) along with content subjects is disseminated in all school courses and now the lessons are timetabled. Students' communication skills in foreign languages and their capacity for listening has improved,

Project related to EOL

Team planning and team teaching of a content subject teacher and a teacher of FL1 - English/FL2 - Italian - Project Ministry for Education (Slovenia) 2008-2013 and a pilot project on Languages and Entrepreneurship (2010-2012)

Needs and wishes

I plan to use FREPA descriptors in our team lessons to measure students improvement in knowledge, attitudes and skills and disseminate them to the whole school curricula. We also plan to prepare materials and create dynamic model of language oriented environments. We would strengthen our cooperation with other school systems in Europe and work in international teams of FL teachers and content subject teachers.