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Mitglieder des EOL-Netzwerks

Vilnius Adam Mickiewicz Gymnasium

Land: Lithuania
Stadt: Vilnius
SchulleiterIn: Mr. Ceslav Davidovic
Adresse: Kruopu str. 11 LT-01140
Telefon: +370 5 2135501


This is a secondary school for the Polish minority children who live in Vilnius and surroundings. Our students are from the 5th til the 12th grades. There are about 450 students and 50 teachers. Our main goals are to provide the high quality academic education and to educate active, open-minded citizens. Our school has a solid experience in developing and implementation of educational projects (local and international). It is a member of UNESCO ASP-net.

Sprachprofil der Schule

The main language of instruction at our school is Polish. Our students also study Lithuanian, the State language. The level of knowledge in Lithuanian has to be equal to the one of native speakers. Our students have to pass the same final exams like the native speakers of Lithuanian. During the last 5 years the requirements for the knowledge of Lithuanian has significantly increased. The main foreign language is still English. Second one - Russian. There were some efforts to introduce German, Gr


We noticed that our students most of whom grow up in the multilingual settings tend to mix the languages while speaking. Some of them have difficulties to express themselves and look shy. There is a part of students who have learning difficulties because of lower linguistic abilities. We hope, that our participation in this project will motivate our teachers of all subjects to give more attention to the problems of language proficiency and will raise their awareness of the role language skills p

Stärken und Expertenwissen

Our school has a highly qualified staff of teachers. We also have some experience in CLIL and in subject integrated lessons. Our school participated in various projects, so we have the skills of teamwork within the school and with the international partners. Most of our students are interested in innovations and posibilities to show the initiative. They also have some experience in communication with the students from the other countries, other cultures.

Projekt in Bezug auf EOL

During the years of cooperation with EOL we are going to: - study the EMCL resourses and use the in our lessons - to establish collaboration in this field with the other shools in the network - to participate in scientific research, if needed, if it is planed by the EOL team or - to try organize some of our educational practices according to the scientific results which we hope to learn from EOL team - to participate actively in creating environment, where language would be used for fun, fo

Bedürfnisse und Wünsche

We need EOL assistance in providing methodological help. We wish to learn from the other schools. We wish to help efficiently our students with language problems.

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