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Mitglieder des EOL-Netzwerks

Janey Ramos Gregório

Land: Portugal
Stadt: Santa Cruz da Graciosa
Adresse: Caminho da Igreja, 144
Schule: Escola Básica e Secundária da Graciosa
Beruf: Coordinator of PACIS XXI in the Azores

Über die Schule

I belong to the board of the school I have ID, but this year I am developing a programme to promote the Quality of English Language Learning in the Azores. I report directly to the Azores regional director of education. The Azores is an archipelago in Portugal. The project is called PACIS XXI, which basically means promoting the quality in English language learning into the 21st century.


My mother-tongue is English. I am Canadian and I have completed a degree at a Portuguese University in Portuguese and English Language teaching as well as the Cambridge TEFL.


I am developing and coordinating this project. I am interested restructuring English language teaching in the Azores .

Stärken und Erfahrungen

I have taught both in the private and public sector. I am also an editorial consultant for Express Publishing in Portugal for textbook development. I have worked with the English Language teacher's association in Portugal APPI. I have presented various seminars on planning and assessing in accordance with the CEFR, as well as published various articles in their publications.

Projekt in Bezug auf EOL

PACIS XXI (Projetar a Área Curricular de Inglês no século XXI)

Bedürfnisse und Wünsche

All the help I can get to make sure the decisions that are made are based on the most recent research on English language Teaching and Learning as a second language. The local school board is very open to implementing what is deemed necessary to support English Language Teaching and Learning. The student's grade levels in English drop as they progress throughout their schooling which is compulsory until the 12th grade in Portugal.

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