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Mitglieder des EOL-Netzwerks

Fatma Emin Kutvar Anadolu Lisesi

Land: Turkey
Stadt: Balıkesir
SchulleiterIn: Bedia Narlı
Adresse: Passalanı mah. Cevdet demiary Cad. 10020
Telefon: 0090 266 2462101


Balikesir Fatma Emin Kutvar Anadolu Lisesi is a general high school, with students aged 14-18, having 350 students and 40 teachers; 2 teachers of English and 4 other teachers from different subjects speak good English and they help the language teachers in international projects. Its quality was labelled by Ministry of Education as it was awarded in 2011 as the 3RD school in Turkey in Total Quality Management Practices Competition. This shows our background and structure are good in many terms.

Sprachprofil der Schule

Our school has 2 types of classes; English and German. The English classes students learn English as their first foreign language and German as their second foreign language. And the German classes students vice versa. Also, to support and contribute to our students' language skills, we have been doing EU Projects since 2005, we have done 3 Comenius proects, and started a new one in September 2017. In addition, we have done many Student exchanges with Italy, Romania, Slovenia and Ukraine.


Our Students’ profile is mostly of high background. The students’ and their families’ socio-economic, cultural and educational levels are generally high. However, a minority of our students face some economical, family or psyhological problems. For example, we have students coming from rural areas or their families and social relations are also problematic. We try to help and support the students with different problems by giving the same opportunities as the other students in EU Project

Stärken und Expertenwissen

We are a small school with 320 students and 25 teachers. We have a hardworking team of teachers. Also, our strength is International cooperation and projects, we are active all the time for projects, exchanges or other activties.

Projekt in Bezug auf EOL

We dont have any experience in EOL cooperation. But we will be working hard and doing our best to prepare ourselves and our learning environment for these projects.

Bedürfnisse und Wünsche

We need EOL assistance in providing methodological help. We wish to cooperate with the other schools as much as possible. We wish to help efficiently our students with languageskills.

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