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Country: France
City: Strasbourg
Address: 70 boulevard d'anvers
School: College Vauban
Functions: Teacher

About the school

The Collège Vauban is a secondary level public school in Strasbourg, a European metropole of 270,000 inhabitants. It means that we are located at the centre of Europe, close to European institutions (European Parliament, European Council and European Court of Human Rights) and therefore living a European way of life. Due to its history and its particular geographical location, Strasbourg is a European city and an intersection of multiples exchanges. The Collège Vauban is located close to the ci

Language skills

I speak French as a nativ speaker. I'm a German teacher at our school. I also speak English and Italian at an intermediate level.


I'm interested in finding solutions for our great diversity, which can be a big chance and also a burden. I hope I could bring some other methods to get the kids at work.

Strength and experience

I'm a young and motivated teacher: I taught in the Highschool for two years and now i'm teaching at a secondary School: there are others problems to solve.

Project related to EOL

I worked on the subject "Homeworks and social diversity" last year with my class and tryed to find some solutions so that all students do their homework regardless of the social conditions (with tutorship).

Needs and wishes

- Solutions to handle diversity at school - Concrete solutions