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EOL community members

Panormitio High School

Country: Greece
City: Symi
Principal: Ms Evdokia Fotara
Address: Gymnasio, Symi, Dodecanese Islands
Phone: 0030 2246071221

About the school

Our school is a Junior High School and a Senior High School. We are a small school of about 120 students from the ages of 12 to 18.It is a mixed school and we have many students from other nationalities. We follow the general curriculum as proposed by the Ministery of Education.

Language skills

Our school offers English as a first foreign language and French as a second foreign language. English and French are taught in all classes of Junior High School and the lessons are 2 hours a week. There is then an option from the first year of Senior High School where the students can choose between English or French as a first foreign language. The students are able to achieve profiency levels in both languages from our school.


The students are very motivated and have the energy and the will power to learn both languages as we live on an island which basically lives on tourism. So speaking foreign languages is very important to our students.

Strength and experience

We have the ability to use many resourses in our school and using the internet. The only drawback is the time allocated to each lesson and we do not enough time to follow through on the curriculum.

Project related to EOL

As this is our first attempt in joining the EOL Network we do not have a project ready as we would like some guidelines. However, our students have worked with students from other parts of Europe with the E-twinning project. We have taken part in three projects from 2012.

Needs and wishes

We would appreciate your input and help along the way. We would like to learn new methods and approaches to language learning. We would love to be a part of this network.