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EOL community members

Waldschule-Gemeinschaftsschule Bissingen

Country: Germany
City: Bietigheim Bissinge
Principal: Stephan Bender
Address: Panoramastr. 2, 74321 Bietigheim Bissingen
Phone: +49 7142-779060

About the school

Our school has around 450 students on the primary (grades 1- 4) and secondary (grades 5 -10) level. We pay special attention to individual and cooperative learning in both heterogeneous and homogeneous groups. Phases of instructive teacher input will typically alternate with times when students work on a task together with others or individually. Classes are offered in 3 skill levels (easy, middle, hard). We operate as a compulsory all-day school, timetabled lessons and clubs are spread ove

Language skills

German is taught as a mother tongue. English is taught from the 1st grade to the 10th grade. French is offered as the second foreign language in 6th grade. Many of our students speak some other language than German as their mother tongue ( Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Thai, Russian, Croatian, Albanian, Hungarian...)


We would love to network with other schools to exchange experiences and multi culturalism in the classrooms.

Strength and experience

We are a new type of school in Baden Würtemberg, the so called Gemeisnchaftschule ( comprehensive school). We are still a learning school on our way to becoming experts at diagnosing students’ individual level of skills and knowledge and facilitators of a range of learning processes. There are no notes/grades at our school until class 9 unless parents want them.

Project related to EOL

School development and language awareness of o

Needs and wishes

To share language projects with other schools and to provide the contact for students to use the foreign language on a daily basis as a communication tool To exchange the experiences of language and self-awareness on topics such as: How do I learn best? Giving feedbacks from your peer group etc