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Mitglieder des EOL-Netzwerks


Land: Italy
Stadt: Bagno a Ripoli
Adresse: Via Roma, 127
Schule: Primary
Beruf: EFL teacher

Über die Schule

I teach in a state primary school in the south outskirts of Florence. It has been well known around Italy in the past for its innovative teaching methodology and for its pedagogic project aimed to include every child,especially the disabled and those with behaviour problems. It still promotes, among other values, the cooperative learning and the social skills. Children work using tables and not individual desks, look after their room, the common school stuff and cooperate to set up the room at l


I studied English at school and began the university, but gave up in the second year, because all the subjects were taught in Italian and I had just a little English.therefore I studied it in England and took the CAE some years ago. I go to England every year and continue studying it privately. I was trained to teach it as a foreign language in 1993 and I have been teaching it to primary school children since.


As an EFL teacher in a primary school I constantly look for improving my methodology and my teaching techniques....since the Italian Ministry of education does not give me any training course to improve my teaching, I am forced to work and to look for it myself. I am really passionate in teaching English and look forward to encountering new colleagues and to sharing with them our teaching ideas as well as improving my pupils language skills

Stärken und Erfahrungen

My main strength could be the twenty years of teaching experience, as well as the constant seek for improving my teaching methodology,since I am deeply convinced that I still have to learn a lot. I have been involved in an Erasmus twinning project in late nineties. There were four partners of us: Italy,Denmark,Sweden and Spain Every summer and for a fortnight, I take a group of students to England,some from the last year of my primary school, as well as some from the middle school, to improve

Projekt in Bezug auf EOL

I think I haven't ever done any project related to EOL, my apologies.

Bedürfnisse und Wünsche

1. Real teachers exchange as a training " in situ" 2. Sharing teaching ideas 3. Improving teaching methodology especially using the TICs

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