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EOL community members

Annemarie Müller

Country: Finland
City: Helsinki
Address: Kyösti Kallion tie 1, 00570 Helsinki
School: Kulosaari primary school
Functions: Class teacher

About the school

Our school has around 350 students, being educated in two streams, Finnish and English. Global Education is part of the Finnish national curriculum. Except from our web page: Kulosaari Comprehensive school, lower stage, offers a bilingual program (Finnish-English) for grades 1-6. The bilingual program follows the same curriculum as the Finnish side of the school. About half of the teaching is in English.

Language skills

German (native), English (C2), Finnish (C1), and French (A2).


I would love to network with other teachers, both on a meta-level, but also for hands-on projects.

Strength and experience

In-depth knowledge of two school systems (Germany and Finland), good basic knowledge of the French school system (lived in Avignon for a year 2009-2010). Many European and global contacts (student colleagues, friends from an exchange year (2000-2001).

Project related to EOL

Our curriculum contains many modern languages: We use English and Finnish every day. In addition to that, students study French (elective), Spanish (elective), and Swedish (mandatory).

Needs and wishes

I would like to include the home languages of the students better, which might be Finnish or English, but can also be many others, since Helsinki is a diverse city that attracts people from around the world.