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Membres du réseau EOL

Romualda Raguotiene

Pays : Lithuania
Ville : Vilnius
Adresse : Kruopu str. 11, LT- 01140
Courriel :
École : Vilnius A. Mickiewicz Gimnasium
Fonction : Psychologist


the students of Polish minority, living in Vilnius and surroundings learn at our school. Most of them speak better or worse four languages. We have some special educational needs students.

Compétences linguistiques

I speak four languages quite well: Lithuanian, Polish, English, Russian.


In my work I meet students who struggle with language issues. They often have emotional, social and other problems. Especially this is true with some students from the multilingual environment. I'd like to help them. I also think, that language abilities are very important for everyone in a modern society.

Points forts et expérience

I have some experience teaching CLIL, I have made a research in primary schools of the reading abilities among the students from different surroundings and presented the results in the international conference.

Projet en lien avec EOL

We are still working on the action plan.

Besoins et souhaits

Need for learning more, for collaboration. Wish for some leadership from EOL, suggestions, advices.