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Membres du réseau EOL

Rebecca DAHM

Pays : France
Ville : Toulouse
Adresse : 181 Avenue de Muret
Courriel :
École : ESPE Midi-Pyrénées
Fonction : Teacher trainer


Teacher training centre. I'm also the coordinator for the ECML Languages of Schooling project.

Compétences linguistiques

English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish.


The Languages of Schooling ECML project is interested in improving collaboration among teachers/inside schools so as to develop their awareness about the importance of languages of schooling, and more precisely the academic language dimension. We would like to work alongside you in order not to have overlapping goals and actions but rather to develop a positive synergy.

Points forts et expérience

Trainer of primary and secondary teachers of English. Ex vice-dean of the teacher training centre of Limoges. Researcher in the field of multilingualism.

Projet en lien avec EOL

ECML Languages of Schooling is being set up and needs to be readjusted so as not to overlap with your project.

Besoins et souhaits

Constructive collaboration :-)!